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The Difference Between Sublimation Vs Heat Transfer Printing

The Difference Between Sublimation Vs Heat Transfer Printing

The Difference Between Sublimation Vs Heat Transfer Printing

Roll heat transfer printing

The color sublimation printing and heat transfer printing both are not the new terms for the individuals who are working in the direction to piece of clothing printing fields like T-shirt printing, mug printing, and other customized printing stuff. Be that as it may, which among these both is increasingly helpful? What is the contrast between sublimation and heat press innovation? We should discover it around here in this article.


At first developed for the plastic things printing like the sheets, grants, and so forth., the sublimation printing innovation has been utilized for quite a while now. In this advanced printing technique, holding is made on the material on an atomic level.

In the sublimation printing, sublimation ink and a sublimation paper are utilized to do the printing work. Microfiber, polyester, and so on like materials are best printed utilizing the color sublimation innovation.

Heat Press

In the heat press printing, shade ink and an exchange paper are utilized to do the printing work. Counting the cotton and polyester, you can utilize any sort of material to apply the heat transfer innovation. It is a comparative sort of technique for a screen printing or a DTG (Direct to Garment) printing.sublimation transfer printing

Contrasts of sublimation and heat press

Prints made by the sublimation system, have changeless and practical pictures which are having delicate emotions on hands. At the point when you utilize the heat transfer procedure, heat is changed through the light put together paper and sticks with respect to the texture.

The sublimation strategy utilizes the sublimation ink, while the heat transfer technique uses color ink, color ink, dissolvable ink, and so on.

In spite of the fact that the heat transfer innovation can be applied to a wide range of materials, for the most part, it works impeccably for the 100% cotton texture. While the sublimation innovation is generally utilized for polyester, flag, and a hard surface like a mug, aluminum pot, and so forth sorts of materials.

The sublimation printing utilizes less pressure and temperature than the heat transfer technique and prints in under 1 moment of time.

The items with sublimation printing have perpetual, high-goals printings which don’t strip, while the prints through the heat transfer procedure are having some unexpected appearance in comparison to the encompassing texture.

The sublimation printing machine has a simple arrangement procedure and furthermore has a minimal effort of support.

A color sublimation printer has a more extended life expectancy than the heat transfer printing machines.


Both the advances are valuable, helpful, moderate, and the printing should be possible with easy to-pursue steps. Along these lines, the decision is yours. However, I recommend getting the heat transfer printer in the event that you are just staying with the piece of clothing printing business. On the off chance that you are getting down to business on different things like clay printing, plastic printing, tiles printing, and so on then go for the color sublimation printer.


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