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Why Chose Oil Filled Drum Heat Press Over Electric Heat Press?

Why Chose Oil Filled Drum Heat Press Over Electric Heat Press?

Oil filled drum heat press can save a lot of money and resources and get the best first and don’t take the cheap shortcut when buying a rotary heat press for production.

Rotary heat press units offer the very best in Uniformity across the drum width, as well as Consistency during long runs and short runs, which means that you get Repeatable results and provide The Highest Quality for your production equipment investment! Generally, 100% oil filled drums are more Efficient and can save on electricity costs over the long run.

oil filled drum heat press

Here are the advantages of our Sublistar rotary heat transfer machine:
1.Roll to roll and piece by piece processing
2.Double layer drum
3.Filing oil drum to 100%
4.75% nomex drum blanket coverage
5.Auto felt alignment
6.Idea for dye sublimation heat transfer production
7.Auto power on/off

calender heat press

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