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How to Choose Suitable Ribbon Heat Transfer Machine?

How to Choose Suitable Ribbon Heat Transfer Machine?

Many friends have encountered difficulties in choosing a ribbon heat transfer machine. Now, I will briefly introduce the appearance of various types of ribbon heat transfer machines and their advantages to help you choose more accurately.

According to the appearance, we can divide the ribbon heat transfer machine into two types: Upward and Downward type.

ribbon heat transfer machine

Downward type heat transfer machine is the most popular for lanyards ribbon currently. There is a stand frame to make lanyards kept smooth and tight, which can increase your working efficiency and decrease the defective.

It’s a multi-functional printing machine that can be applied for ribbon printing, cutting and cloth rolling. Moreover,it is a new generation of roller sublimation heat transfer machine researched and developed by our senior with tri-location, accurate positioning,and prints with a couple of ribbons simultaneously in whole roll, thus to get a clear printing result.


Here’re the features of our ribbon heat transfer machine:

1.Adopt the most advanced control system, imported components and auto spacing, which leads to the excellent performance(accurate and sale)and long lasting life.High precision(0.5℃),all digital display of time, and high accuracy.

2.Oil thermal conducting structure make the uniform color of the transfer printing. Equipped with the simultaneous down-roller, which makes minimal mold positioning error.It can transfer printed a couple of ribbons simultaneously.

3.Both single and mass production are available.The large diameter bearing makes the maintenance of the fragile parts of the heating system. The drive shaft is made of Japanese”Shin Etsu”material;Blanket made from Du Pont material imported from USA and large capacity conducting oil, which makes consistent temperature,without any color even in continuous transfer printing.

We can provide you with the difference size and model ribbon heat press machine. As follows:

SUBLI Ribbon 420: 420*1700 mm, 420*1900 mm
SUBLI Ribbon 600:600*1700 mm,600*1900 mm
SUBLI Ribbon 800: 800*1700 mm, 800*1900 mm

ribbon heat transfer machine

The other one is upward type, this heat transfer machine is the traditional calender for lanyards ribbon, there is a big table to make the lanyards go into the oil drum.

The advantages of the machine as below:

1. Blanket is made by DuPont materials from USA, which produced by Shanghai joint venture, 10mm thickness, excellent transfer effect and long life. 1. Blanket is made by DuPont materials from USA, which produced by Shanghai joint venture, 10mm thickness, excellent transfer effect and long life.
2. Adopt 100% 12mm Seamless steel pipe roller drum, double roller layers, roller drum inside and outside polishing, and plating Teflon, which ensure uniform temperature, no Oil spill,  no color difference.
3. Using imported Taiwan stainless steel heating tube to heat oil directly, nearly 45mins can up to 220 degree.
4. Electric box is made by 100mm thickness stainless steel board, CNC line cutting, high accurancy.
5. Deviation shaft grinding by precision grinding machine, polishing, then platinising, controlling temperature difference less than 2 degrees, and make blanket don’t delivate.
6. Control panel: Premium digital display, including temperature and time control, higher precision.
7. Using frequency conversion governor which can adjust heating transfer speed according to different materials.
8. Carbon brush conductive heating: Conductivity is more stable and safe
9. Pneumatic pressing function: Adjust pressure between blanket and roller drum, vivid color effect.
10. Blanket band separated: Adopt simultaneous shaft adjustment and pressure balance shaft separate blanket from roller drum when machine turn off or power off, protect blanket and extend its life.
11. Pressure adjustment function for used transfer paper: deliver the paper without deviation.
12: Air shaft collect used transfer paper and protective paper, rolling tightly.
13. Tension control system: After single-side transfer, the device prints on the other side to achieve simultaneous printing on both sides.
14. Positioning system ensures cloth and paper no delivation, can adjust aotumatically according to different transfer width
15. Equipped with Soild state temperature control system, samrt protection system, high temperature warning system, ensure working safely.
16. Equipped with 3.5m working table, normal double rolls, suitable for piece, roll fabric and garments.

Okay, these all above are my share about how to choose ribbon heat transfer machine. Now, I believe that you must know how to choose a suitable one for your business. Hope my article can be useful to you. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.


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