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How to Choose the Sublimation Rotary Transfer Machine – Domestic or Imported?

How to Choose the Sublimation Rotary Transfer Machine – Domestic or Imported?

Due to the advancement of science and technology in China and the maturity of manufacturing processes, the gap between sublimation rotary transfer machine and imported machines has become smaller and smaller. Enterprises choose domestic heat transfer printing machine or imported thermal transfer printing machine, mainly need to consider the following factors.

Three Tips help you to choose the better sublimation rotary transfer machine

First, the cost factor.

Due to the tax and freight charges of imported equipment, the price of imported thermal transfer printing machines is higher than that of similar domestic thermal transfer printing machines.

Second, the key technology.

Since the heat transfer printing unit is a roller, the core components are basically imported. So whether it is a thermal transfer printing machine or a transfer printing machine, the key equipment used is basically the same.

Third, after sales service.

Whether it is domestic equipment or imported equipment, good after-sales service is one of the important factors to consider when choosing a thermal transfer printing machine. Dealing with problems, troubleshooting timeliness and effectiveness directly determines the efficiency and cost of production.

When choosing a roller transfer printing machine, it is important to examine the manufacturer’s technical capabilities and sustainability. Mainly manifested in:

(1) How is the R&D power of the manufacturer? The R&D strength of the manufacturer determines the market competitiveness of the manufacturer’s products, whether the equipment used can keep pace with the times, whether it can be upgraded, whether it can have a new generation of products to meet the requirements of future development.

(2) The extent to which the manufacturer supports the entire process. It is very important to provide on-site installation services, whether to provide training, whether to provide technical support, etc.

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