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Why Choose Roller Heat Transfer Machine Over Inject Printer?

Why Choose Roller Heat Transfer Machine Over Inject Printer?

With the progress of technology, the digital printing equipment is constantly broaden the applicable fields, it can print more and more materials, gorgeous color won the love of people, many people open their own business printing device in sublimation printing area, and win the life first bucket of gold, have to say this is a booming industry.

roller heat transfer machine

Roller heat transfer machine VS inject printer

If less pure cotton fabric, and the pursuit of printing effect, heat transfer machine is the first choice to the best equipment. If need to print cotton , using direct injection machine, but it is more expensive than other equipment (digital direct injection machine can print cotton, but the current user is still very immature, pure cotton ink can print ink, pure cotton price is secondary, the key is printer parts of corrosion is very serious).

Heat transfer investment cost is low, but the transfer of heat transfer is more expensive, in cotton and pure cotton design part of the hard, this is the defect. If you want to make less investment,printing variety fabric , it is the best to choose sublimation heat transfer printing machine, such as printers and roller heat transfer machine.

rotary heat transfer machine

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