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How To Choose the Right Industrial Heat Press for Sublimation? (1)

How To Choose the Right Industrial Heat Press for Sublimation? (1)

There are three main types of industrial heat press for sublimation, piece to piece, roll to roll and piece to roll heat press machine. Do you know how to choose the right one for sublimation?

Piece to piece: flat presses for printing substrates and fabrics in cut pieces

Roll to roll: calenders for printing continuous and reel-wound materials

Piece to roll: special calenders capable of operation in both modes (material in cut pieces and/or in rolls)

Industrial Heat Press

Wide range of conventional hot plate presses for sublimation and transfer printing

1) Presses for Special Applications
* Vacuum presses guaranteeing optimum penetration of inks on materials such as lycra or stretch fabrics, carpets, mugs and flags
* Presses able to print both sides of an item simultaneously (stockings and tights, seamless)
* Special presses designed for printing on hard substrates such as glass, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic tiles
* Presses equipped with special options for bonding films/webs and for foils/special effects

2) Other Fundamental Elements
* eco-friendly process (no solvents whatever, and no use of water)
* ease and versatility of use
* quick and simple change of pattern/image

rotary heat transfer machine

3) Wide Range of Applications
* Multi-capable machines also suitable for:
* metallization and laminating of decorative effects, even on finished garments
* heat transfer printing

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