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What Should Be Cautioned When Operate Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

What Should Be Cautioned When Operate Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

The technology of rotary heat transfer printing is a emerging technology, which is using heat transfer paper for transfer vector, and using the method of high temperature sublimation for creating pressure. Which making heat transfer paper and fabrics touch fully and suffer from pressure, and then the sublimation transfer was finished during proper temperature. Sorting the machines to roller heat transfer machine, flat heat transfer machine, which widely used for garment industry, fabric industry, ribbon industry, etc.

rotary heat transfer machine

Multifunction heat transfer machine is a new launch product for fabric printing with super quality, competitive price ,easy operation and high efficiency and is popular among customers at home and abroad. Multifunction heat transfer machine takes full of advantage of high temperature sublimation transfer printing ,according to the working principle of heat transfer printing, form the image at a time without color printing, printing out realistic pattern.

Printing like, Large batching, fabricated part, ribbon, T-shirt, mouse pad, vamp etc. special size machine can be made according to customer’s requirement.

roller heat transfer machine

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