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What Should we Care for When Printing on A Sublimation Roller Heat Printing Machine?

What Should we Care for When Printing on A Sublimation Roller Heat Printing Machine?

The roller heat printing machine technology has been applied to fabric heat transfer printing production very early. With the rapid development of high technology and personalized clothing pattern printing, the roller printing machine is springing up, and various multi-function roller printing machines are used. Step into the market.

The work of the roller heat printing machine is very simple. The process is mainly to use thermal transfer printing to print any image such as portraits and landscapes on plain paper or high-precision printing paper by thermal sublimation. The device is heated to a certain temperature in a few minutes, and the color of the image on the paper is transferred to a special process of porcelain cup, porcelain plate, porcelain plate, clothes, metal and the like.

So what should you pay attention to when the roller printing machine is hot stamping? Generally speaking, pay attention to four aspects:

1. Align the patterned side of the transfer paper with the fabric and place it in the desired position.

2. Press and press for a few seconds with an iron or transfer machine.

3. When ironing stockings, add silicone paper under the printing surface to prevent the hot melt adhesive from infiltrating.

4. Peel off the backing paper (three methods).

Cold off: After completely cooling, slowly remove the liner.

Hot off: Immediately tear off the bottom paper.

Warm off: Wait a few seconds, tear off the bottom paper when warm.

Comprehensive: With the increasing demand for textile and garment printing, the demand for a large number of roller heat transfer machines will also increase, and the replacement of the roller sublimation printing machine will also be accelerated. Different processes require different requirements for hot stamping. In order to provide more comprehensive analysis, Fei Yue Digital printing machinery special pre-sales customer service will help you solve all kinds of problems 24 hours online!


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