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Dangerous Operations When We Are Using Calender Heat Press

Dangerous Operations When We Are Using Calender Heat Press

Calender heat press is often used to print fabric, like T-shirts, Sportswear, Curtain… As we all know, there are two kinds of heat press machine in the market: rotary drum heat press and platen heat press.  Both of them should use a lot of heat in the process of sublimation transfer printing. If we operate the machine incorrectly, it will occur some accidents. Therefore, today’s article will introduce some tips to avoid dangerous operations.

calender heat press

  • Boot before the rotary heat press machine outside must be firmly grounded separately, or it may cause serious personal injury accident.
  • This machine must be installed in ventilation, bright place around the calender heat press shall not be less than 5 m space, vertical and horizontal installation.
  • heat press machine Workabnormal conditions should immediately stop the check. While the blanket out of the drum, cooling fan to help prevent damage to the carpet belt.
  • The operator must strictly abide by the ban flag in various parts of the heat press machine operation.
    n thermal machinery, in the course of the shaft stick or the heating element and the size of the bearing, maybe due to thermal expansion of the relationship will be issued a number of sounds, which is a normal phenomenon, do not panic.
  • Chassis control circuit board and inverter usually should be kept clean, there can be conductive dust and other metal items are dropped. Turn electrical protection cover shall not be open, be careful to electric shock.
  • The need to replace the heating element, reducer, heat conduction oil,  must use a special model of the company, shall not be allowed to modify, replace.
  • Fevercylinder appearance after special treatment shall not be corrosive liquids scrub with a hard object into the scratch.

rotary heat press machine In addition, rotary heat transfer machine long-term operation in industrial applications, due to the influence of environmental temperature, humidity, dust and operating devices of the machine itself aging and wear and other reasons, will result in the transfer potential equipment failures occur, it is essential to this equipment daily and periodic inspection and maintenance.

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