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A Brief of Heat Transfer Ink Application in Sublimation Thermal Transfer Printing Machine

A Brief of Heat Transfer Ink Application in Sublimation Thermal Transfer Printing Machine

The object of the sublimation thermal transfer printing machine can be a tough material or a soft material; and it can be printed on inorganic materials or printed on organic materials, and the device has stronger adaptability to materials, avoiding The emergence of various problems. In addition, due to the improvement of the printing mode and method, and the application of computer technology, the technical content of the whole equipment is higher, so the quality and precision of the printing obtained are obviously improved.

Thermal transfer ink application in thermal transfer printing machine:

Teat transfer ink is an industrial grade printing ink, not a general office ink.

Adapt to medium: chemical fiber textile fabrics such as mesh, satin, polyester, nylon;

Crystal, metal, ceramic and other personalized craft materials.

Application areas:

1. Personalized gift making;

2. Penetration in other marginal areas, such as footwear webbing, outdoor sporting goods, building materials, etc.;

3. The production of apparel fabrics, as a supplement to the traditional textile printing industry;

4. Fashion apparel, Chinese advertising shirts, competition sportswear and school bags, swimwear, etc.;

5. Personalized handicraft production, interior decoration, home textiles;

6. A variety of promotional mouse pads, webbing, pencil cases, cell phone pockets.

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