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Avoid The Common Problems When Operate The Heat Transfer Machine

Avoid The Common Problems When Operate The Heat Transfer Machine

Avoid The Common Problems When Operate The Heat Transfer Machine

In the sublimation transfer process, the last important step is operate the heat
transfer machine. A right operation can make your transfer result with great
effect. While if you can’t operate it well your patterns transferred will be
destroyed. So today I will list some common problems in the transfer process
and help you avoid it as soon as possible.

Liner Materials Operate
Sometimes in order to get a better effect we need to use some liner materials
for transfer. While do you know if you can’t use this material in a right way your
transfer will get worse,so take care about the following. When use the flat heat
transfer machine with the liner materials (cotton, sponge, cardboard, etc.) it
may absorb moisture in the ink transfer process and lead to excessive moisture
during the transfer. This problem will cause transferred cloth pattern color
fades. So the pre-transfer and transfer process periodically pressing a few
times. Then the moisture will evaporate on a cotton pad can improve the
situation. If possible you should better replace the dried gasket material.

Transfer Fabric
Don’t use the damp cloth for transfer! Or your transfer effect will appear the
cloth stripes, especially for the rotary heat press machine transfer. What’s
more the transfer rate will be very low and the color of the patterns can’t be
bright. So in order to avoid this problem , please put the sublimation paper
and fadbric for transferred in th room and the humidity shoule better be
controlled below 60%.

Ghosting of the Transfer
I have shared this question in my last article carefully. The main reason of the
ghost is that when the sublimation transfer paper relatively flat, not curved
at a press heated immediately, paper and cloth can be attached flat . When hot
heat transfer plate in the raised moment, paper and fabric will be adsorbed on
the plate together, and then falling down. At this temperature sublimation
transfer paper falling to the fabric will have a displacement of the secondary
transfer, the formation of a color very light ghosting.

Okay, These all above are my share about the common problems in the
sublimation transfer and ways to avoid them. If you have any other needs or
questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the best
quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you
for your reading.



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