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Analyze the Operating Procedure of the Roller Heat Transfer Printing Machine

Analyze the Operating Procedure of the Roller Heat Transfer Printing Machine

The roller heat transfer printing machine is suitable for sublimation transfer of large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, clothing fabrics, towels, sheets, mouse pads, etc., especially continuous transfer of sheets of cloth.

Analyze the operating procedure of the roller heat transfer printing machine:

1. After confirming that the roller printing machine body is well grounded and the power supply wiring is correct (the neutral line is connected to the N binding post), push the circuit breaker inside the chassis. Then press the “Total Power” button, and then press the “Frequency Conversion” button. Press the green running button on the inverter keyboard to adjust the frequency to the appropriate position.

2. Confirm that the heating cylinder of the roller printing machine is rotating. Then press the “warm” button to set the temperature to the appropriate number.

3. Before heat transfer printing. The pressure rubber roller on the main body of the roller printing machine should be pressed against the blanket. And paying attention to the equal pressure on both sides. If you encounter a fabric that does not require pressure, you can loosen the pressure roller. When the liner is turned out of the main machine, it is wound around the reel on the back of the main machine. And it is automatically wound up. And the transfer paper is wound around the reel in the middle of the workbench. And the garment pieces are exported on the conveyor belt. In the tote. The speed of the paper winding can be adjusted by the controller in front of the left box of the main unit.

4. After the transfer work is finished, the “warm” button should be turned off to allow the main unit to rotate and cool. When it is cooled to half the temperature of the transfer temperature, it can be turned off, and the roller printing machine must be turned on. In case of special circumstances, the “total power supply” of the roller printing machine can be turned off at the same time. At this time, the main machine is in an automatic cooling state. And will stop after running for a certain period of time.

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