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Advantages of Our Calender Heat Transfer Machine—–How Much Do You Know about It?

Advantages of Our Calender Heat Transfer Machine—–How Much Do You Know about It?

Advantages of Our Calender Heat Transfer Machine—–How Much Do You Know about It?

The performance of the Calender heat transfer machine in getting better and
better under the development of the technology. Compared with the traditional
small size heat transfer machine, our Calender heat transfer machine have really
too many advantages. Today in order to let you have a deeper understanding
about us I will have a detailed introduction about our heat transfer machine

Advantage 1 Speed Adjust
If you want to get a better printing and transferring effect, then have a good
choice of the machine is very important. Now more and more people choose
the rotary to help them doing the patterns fabric transfer. Because this machine
can help them to save their time and money, also more convenient. Then our
machine has a better advantage that it has a function can help you adjust your
transfer speed with no levels.. So it can help you have a better experience then

Advantage 2 High Hiding Power
At last, our heat transfer machine also has a high hiding rate. The patterns can be
transferred onto the fabric with different colors. This performance has a very
good increase in its practicality. And its adhesion is also very strong, the color
does not fall after printing, no deformation, no discoloration.

Advantage 3 Better Transfer Effect
At last, after used about the heat transfer machine you can see that it can bring
you a better effect. After finish the transfer, you can get the final product
directly. And you don’t need to do post-processing. Also the color fastness and
brilliant are very good.

Advantage 4 Added Value of This Machine
When you use our rotary heat transfer machine, the pass rate of the patterns
transferred are very high.The loss of the product is much smaller than other
printing and transferring method and there will no the problem of printing

Advantage 5 Environmental Printing
Before doing the sublimation transfer, we need to print the patterns firstly and
then use the paper printed to transfer onto the fabric with the heat press
machine. Our heat press machine can meet the green printing standards.
Especially in china, in order to product the environment the government ask strict
requirements of the green printing. It will not produce environmental pollution
problems, which makes everyone can be very assured to use.


Advantage 6 Longer Service Life
If you have used about the heat transfer machine before, you must know that
there is a specialized equipment for pad the pad the sublimation paper. This
equipment can help you put your paper onto the machine more convenient.
Also it can help you protect your blanket, and reduce the population of the
blanket. Then when you use the heat press machine you can clean the blanket
less. More importantly , the service life of this blanket can be longer.

Okay, These all above are my share about the advantages for our Calender heat
transfer machine. If you have any needs or questions welcome to contact us at
any time. We will provide you with the best quality product and service. Hope
my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.



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