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How to Adjust the Color When Use Sublimation Rotary Heat Transfer Machines?

How to Adjust the Color When Use Sublimation Rotary Heat Transfer Machines?

Rotary heat transfer machines have become the mainstream production method in the western printing industry. At present, more than 90% of the companies in the European printing industry use digital printing machines to proof. These companies generally believe that the drum printing machine has a fast response, low sample money and good consistency. The rotary heat transfer machine has become a must in the European printing industry. With fewer tools, the roller printing machine refers to the pattern and color expected to be printed on textiles by digital technology.

It is used for printing proofing and small batch production, which is convenient and saves money. In the meantime, it saves the process and cost of plate making and web making. The key practical techniques for proofing and production of roller printing are color, graphics and color fastness. The pattern of the flower pattern can be reached by color separation and design software. The color can be finished by selecting the screen display, color card color, color measurement, and color tones.

The following is the introduction of the rotary heat transfer machines four kinds of color adjustment methods, for our reference:

1. Screen display method

The color of the picture is adjusted by adjusting the color of the screen. Usually, the color menu is used to select or adjust the color on the screen. This method is very useful in color matching or beginning color grading, and is a kind of coloring method commonly used by designers. However, because the color development principle of the fluorescent screen and the color development principle of the dye on the fabric are different, the colors that can be displayed on the screen cannot be completely reflected on the fabric by the dye, and the color difference between the colors reflected by the dye is also Can’t be clearly visible on the screen. Therefore, this is a rough coloring method and cannot be used for accurate color matching.

2. Color card color method

The color is contrasted by contrasting the colors in the color card.

3. Experience the color method

The speed of the color matching process and the accuracy of the results are completely analyzed and piled up by the operator in the usual work.

4. Color measurement method

The color measurement instrument is used to measure the color of the policy color, and the color measurement result is input to the computer, and then the color is printed. This method determines the color through the instrument, thus eliminating many elements of human and environmental.

With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, there are more and more requirements for the rotary heat transfer machines in the market. The color grading of a good roller printing machine is very important, and our SUBLISTAR printing machine is in tune. The color aspect can be described as a lot of effort, a variety of different thermal transfer printing machines for your reference and purchase.


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