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100% Full Oil Drum Rotary Heat Press – Are You Interested?

100% Full Oil Drum Rotary Heat Press – Are You Interested?



There is external tank connected to the oil drum to fill the oil drum full. Full oil drum improves the stability of oil drum temperature. It makes sure that density of color is the same throughout the large format fabric. New Rotary Heat Press 100% full oil drum is excellent for roll-to-roll transfer heat press. Moreover, heating power (working) is 20% lower now. It helps sign producers reduce the electrical cost.

heat press

heat press

The main cylinder adopts the latest international standard, the surface has chrome plating, it will not rust. Heating in a special way insures no difference in printing quality, machine operation, noise is little, advance or retreat freely, service life is the 2 times of ordinary alternating deceleration generator. With the installation of wave band of speed adjustment, make generator operation more smooth-going, printing is more grasped easily. The four axis balance positioning technology makes the blanket operation more stable


rotary heat press

rotary heat press


– Aligning Blanket Automatically

– Detecting Temperature on the Surface

– Filling Oil Drum to 100% Full (Saving 30% Power)

– Controlling Temperature Precisely (Controllable Silicon Solid State Relay)

– Minimizing Maintenance Effort (Slip Ring)

– At Least 70% Blanket Coverage

– Blanket Tension Controlled by Piston

– Fabric/Transfer Paper/Tissue Paper Tension Controlled by Compressed Air


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