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How to Set Your Heat Press Temperature Correctly?

Many people ask “How do I know that my heat press is printing at the correct temperatures?” Today, we will make a simple answer to this question.

Consider your heat press as your oven and the garment you wish to print on as frozen pizza. To know how to heat your frozen pizza, you’ll need to read the directions so that you’ll know how to set your oven.

rotary heat press machine

Certain heat press machines offer you a temperature range that you can adjust to accommodate a wide variety of fabrics, including the heat sensitive ones.

Usually, the temperature settings go hand in hand with the time setting and vary from dark to light colored clothes. When pressing light colored fabrics, you can simply set your temperature at around 360 degrees for up to 25 minutes.

For the dark colored fabric, consider using a temperature setting of around 330 degrees and timing for around 25 minutes.

rotary heat transfer machine

These values are subject to variations depending on several factors such as the type of fabric you’re working on. Below, we’ve broken down the suitable temperature and time settings based on various factors:

1. Sublimated (Polyester) fabrics: If you’re working on polyester fabrics, you’re highly advised to observe low temperatures. The ideal value should be Temperature: 270 degrees F and Time: 10 minutes.

2. Vintage Look: if you want the image to be printed to look old, faded, you can achieve that by using these settings: Temperature: 350 degrees F and Time: 10-12 minutes.

3. Full Color: Use these settings to achieve a perfect, vivid color design. Temperature: 30 degrees F. Time: 10- 12 minutes.

4. Stretch: When heat transferring to fabric with many stretches such as swimwear, set your heat transfer Temperature settings to 33 degrees F and Time: 12-24 minutes.

5. Glitter: For a textured design, use Temperature: 350 degrees F and Time: 15 minutes.

6. Glow in The Dark: if you want to successfully transfer a design that glows in the dark after being exposed to light, you can set Temperature to 30 degrees F and Time to 10-12 minutes.

7. Basic T-shirts and Sweaters: use these settings… Temperature: 365-37 degrees F and Time: 10-12 minutes.

8. Difficult Garments: if you’ve got a stubborn fabric that you wish to print on use these settings. Temperature: 330 degrees F and Time: 15 minutes.

9. Metal-like Finish: if the design you intend to transfer with a heat press has a design that makes it appear metallic, you need to set your device Temperature at 320 degrees F and Time at 10 minutes.

10. High Quality: If the printing you’re transferring needs to be an extremely high definition (as well as full color), then you’ll to use these settings for a successful transfer. Temperature: 305 degrees F and Time: 5 minutes.

11. Photo Transfer (White): When transferring images onto a light colored fabric, use Temperature: 385 degrees F and Time: 25-30 minutes.

12. Photo Transfer (Dark): Use these settings when doing an image transfer onto a dark fabric. Temperature: 365 degrees F and Time: 25 minutes

13. Reflective: What if you’re printing in a reflective fabric, e.g. safety gear? Well, this technique will work best. Temperature: 305 degrees F and Time: 10-12 minutes

Most of the modern heat press machines on the market today come with digital temperature and timer settings which make it easier for you to make more accurate settings.

Our company supplies kinds of heat press machines, thermal transfer paper, sublimation ink, large format inkjet printer, laser cutting machines and other accessories. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.


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What’s the Difference Between Thermal Transfer Printing Machine And Heat Press Machine?

Many friends in the industry are struggling to choose a thermal transfer printing machine or a heat press machine for their own business. Today, we will briefly introduce the differences between the two to help you make the right choice.

heat press machine

Thermal transfer printing machines are also known as thermal transfer printing. Thermal transfer printing is an emerging printing process. With its advantages of convenience, speed, dexterity and environmental protection, thermal transfer printing technology has made revolutionary breakthroughs in the field of textile and garment printing and dyeing, and is favored by garment enterprises from all walks of life.

The heat transfer machine is one of the thermal transfer printing machines. It can be used to heat all kinds of hot stamping on cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics. It can also be processed by screen printing, glue, foaming, etc. Cultural shirts, etc.

Thermal transfer printing machines are also known as thermal transfer printing. Thermal transfer is a combination of traditional printing and computer digital, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional printing, such as small batches, rapid delivery of finished products, complex colors, complicated process, and environmental protection. Thermal transfer does not require plate making, is not limited by pattern, color limit, one-time molding, unlimited style, simple operation, complete functions, just as simple as using a home printer, which largely compensates for the traditional printing and dyeing of cotton fabrics. The industry lacks water resources, environmental damage, high cost of small batch printing and high equipment costs. At the same time, it also brought a strong blow to the development of the traditional printing and dyeing printing industry.

calender heat pressAdvantages: simple printing steps, accurate position, natural color transition, free printing pattern can realize any pattern printing process, the printing effect is realistic and fine, no need to save the plate making cost, and it is also suitable for printing in traditional way such as rotary net and flat net. Pre- proofing saves money.

Today’s article is shared here. We FeiYue Digital Technology Co., Ltd mainly manages sublimation paper, inkjet printer, digital printing inks, calendering machines and accessories. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.

heat press machine

How to Properly Maintain the Multifunctional Heat Press?

Your multifunctional heat press requires periodic maintenance checks. If you do not follow a care regimen, you may encounter some malfunctions. It is important to take preventive maintenance to avoid repairing a faulty unit in the future. The following three factors must be taken into consideration.

heat press

1. Surface temperature

The temperature on the surface of the machine can be ascertained with a pyrometer. You can also use digital infrared thermometers or heat-resistant strips. It is recommended to test the heat press’s surface temperature by a pyrometer or the heat-resistant strips. These two gives consistent readings compared to digital infrared thermometers.

heat press2. Consistent pressure

You can test the heat press for consistent pressure over the total surface of the platen. This is done by what is colloquially termed as the “Dollar Bill Test”. This is done by hanging a dollar bill halfway on, and then halfway off the press. Close press and then try to pull out the dollar bill. Ideally, it must be firmly held between the platen and top of the press. In case you can pull out the dollar bill sans any effort, you must contact the supplier of the multifunctional heat press and get it serviced. In case you are afraid to use your precious currency, strips of paper work just fine.

3. Grease moving mechanical parts

A few models or brands are sold with real grease fittings, for which you will need grease guns. The majority of the multifunctional heat press machines are of much simpler construction. You simply need a spray lubricant or grease as required. Make sure that the lubricant or grease is resistant to heat. It is recommended that you conduct monthly checks on the temperature and pressure of the heat press machine. The moving parts must be greased as per the guidelines documented by the manufacturer. In case you believe that you need professional maintenance services, either contact the manufacturer for services or hire a reputed firm. If you face persistent problems with your old machine, and suffering financial losses, it is a good idea to buy a new multifunctional heat press. Buy it from authorized dealers only. The best ones will help you to select the best machine for your particular needs.

Properly maintaining your multifunctional heat press can avoid expensive repairs so as to extend its life.


What’s the Benefit of Getting a Good Heat Press Machine?

sublimation printingThe key to successful heat transferred images using transfer paper and vinyl is heat and pressure. Heat presses can affect heat and pressure when doing transfers.  As a result, one of the most important big ticket items you buy for your digital decoration business will be your heat press. When you first start out or are looking to upgrade, make sure to ask the right question when purchasing a heat press.


1.Sizes of Heat Press


One of the main differences is the size of the heat platen.  Most standard heat presses come in 16×16 or 16×20 platen sizes.  The platen size determines the maximum image size you can press onto your fabric.  The standard size heat presses are sufficient for the majority of businesses as your desktop printer or cutter probably cannot produce images bigger than that.  Ensure you have the right size for your type of images.


2.Types of Heat Press


There are also two main types of heat presses.  One is the clamshell model and the other is the swing away model.  The Insta 138 is an example of your standard clamshell model and the Insta 228 is an example of your standard swing away model.   There really isn’t a right type here, it is just personal preference.


3.Operation Ways of Heat Press


Another major difference in a heat press is how it is operated.  There are heat presses that are Air Automatic, Auto Release and Manual Heat Presses.  An air automatic press (Insta 728) is basically a heat press that is automatic in almost every way.  It automatically closes and opens the press using air pressure.  You simply dial the pressure in and press a button and it will close and open after the pressing is done.  An Auto Release Press (STX AutoClam) is one that requires the user to set the pressure and manually close the press, but when the pressing is done, the heat press will automatically open.  This is handy because there is no risk of it overcooking your items.  The last one is a manual heat press (Insta 138) which require the user to manually close and manually open the press when it is done.


4.Other Heat Press Functions


Modern day heat presses are normally digital ones which display temperature and time on a LED screen.  There are older models that will display temperature on a gauge and some require the user to use a separate stop watch for the press time.  We recommend using a digital press because it is much more accurate and consistent in measuring temperature and time.

heat press

5.Quality of Heat Press


Aside from the differences of a heat press, you should also consider the quality of the heat press.  Ensure the heat press is well built and that it gives you consistent pressure and temperature.  Your vendor should be able to give you a recommendation for a good heat press.  Also quality brands will have warranties which will ensure that if it breaks during the period of the warranty, that the manufacturer will fix the problem for you.


Not only should you ensure the heat press is in good working order at the time of purchase, you should consistently check that the heat press is in good order over time.  It is recommended that you buy a heat gun to check for cold spots that may occur over time.


We Nanjing Fei Yue Digital is a company specializing in thermal transfer printing equipment. We provide the best quality product in a affordable price. If you are looking for a partner and are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

heat press machine

Why You Need a Heat Press Machine for Mugs?

rotary heat transfer machineA heat press for mugs is a machine that is specially designed for printing artwork/graphics onto a mug. With this machine, you can get full color, sharp and vibrant images on your favorite coffee or travel mug. Today, I will briefly introduce some useful knowledge about mug heat press machine.

1.Why You Need a Heat Press Machine?

Numerous upcoming entrepreneurs are recognizing that ‘customized printed mugs’ is a lucrative business idea. Also, it enjoys an exceptional demand in huge corporate organizational setups. If you’re looking to create customized printed mugs for your business, it would be a good idea to buy a high-quality heat press machine, designed especially for mug printing.

Besides professional use, mug heat press machines can also be utilized for personal reasons at home. For instance, you could create customized festive mugs for gifting to your loved ones during Christmas. Similarly, you could make customized ‘couple name mugs’ for your soon-to-be-married friends and present to them as a gift on their wedding.

sublimation printing2.Vertical vs. Horizontal Heat Press Machine

If you’re looking to apply your artwork or graphic slightly higher up (such as on a tall water bottle), then a vertical heat press machine may not be the best thing to work with. This is because it will only cover the item to the extent of its length/height. On the other hand, a horizontal heat press machine allows you to place the graphic anywhere inside the heat press given that both the surface on which the graphic is placed and the press are flat on the graphic when it is pressed down.

It is possible to get pre-designed graphics that can go directly onto your coffee mug or travel mug. But you could also consider purchasing blank sublimation papers and print on them with a printer.

We Nanjing Fei Yue Digital is a company specializing in thermal transfer printing equipment. We provide the best quality product in a affordable price. If you are looking for a partner and are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


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There’re So Many Advantages of Using A Heat Transfer Printing Machine, Do You Know?

There’re many advantages of our heat transfer printing machine. Today, I will share some with you.

1.The color is bright, the level is rich: multiple sets of color technology combinations, the color is more perfect.

2.Washable and anti-sun: long-term preservation does not fade, repeated use, color fastness can reach 4 levels.

3.Environmental protection and pollution-free: the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, green processing, no negative effects on the human body.

4.The new concept of thermal transfer printing: the printing process is simple, greatly simplifying the thermal transfer printing process.

5.The production cycle is short: direct proofing, saving plate making costs and cycles, a flower-shaped print.

calender heat transfer machine

6.It is not limited by the size of the flower shape return: it overcomes the problem of the traditional printing back limit and cannot be printed.

7.Arbitrary flower shape design: the design space is infinite, the pattern color is accurate, and there is no third color produced by the overprint in the traditional printing.

Today’s article is shared here. We Nanjing Fei Yue Digital is a company specializing in thermal transfer printing equipment. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.


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heat press machine

What Should Pay Attention to When Using a Heat Press?

Here’re some tips when using a heat press to print shirts:


Don’t be scared of applying too much heat because it takes a lot of heat to transfer the artwork properly and evenly. If you don’t apply a lot of heat, the artwork might not stick to the shirt properly and would cause issues during washing. If you’re scared of burning the tee, sample print on an old shirt you don’t mind burning. It’s always scary on the first few tries but your confidence will eventually develop as you get the hang of printing shirts using your heat press machine. The rule is simple actually, just follow the recommended temperature for each fabric on the transfer paper.

Load the shirt onto the heat press straight. The last thing you want is a crooked print. You most certainly can’t sell (or wear!) crooked shirts. How do you prevent that from happening? There are many ways to do this without using grids, lasers, and rules. One way is by making sure that the tag is aligned to the backbone of the heat press. But for a faster and more efficient way of ensuring the right t-shirt positioning, consider a system that projects a laser onto the garment.


Stretch your shirts. Before putting them on your heat press machine, make sure you stretch your shirts. This should be done to avoid the print from cracking.

Test Print. Before printing your design to a transfer paper, make sure you test it by printing it on a regular paper. Transfer papers are expensive and you do not want to waste money. Printing a preview is essential to check if the design is within the margins, if colors print correctly and just to see how an artwork looks like when printed. And of course, before you print on a tee, make sure you test print the transfer paper with a fabric you’re willing to throw away.


Today’s article is shared here, if you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.


How to Take Good Care of Your Heat Press Machine?

As most of the machines require regular maintenance, heat presses also require the regular servicing and maintenance. This will help your machine to run efficiently and will also ensure the longevity of your heat press machine. Here’re some tips for you to take good care of your heat press machine:


rotary heat press machine

1.Cleaning the upper platen

In order to the clean the upper platen after use first of all power off the machine and let the machine cool down. Sprinkle a small amount of mineral any mineral acid on to soft cloth, now gently wipe the platen surface with this dampened cloth. This removes the extra inks which come transfers.


2.Regular oiling and greasing

You know its quite important to regularly oil and grease the mechanically moving parts of any machine. It always works wonders for everyone. If you do not oil or grease at regular intervals then the heat press becomes slightly hard to work with as the pivots get harden because of dust build up. Also, without lubrication the most of the exposed parts will dry out and start rusting, thus gradually increases the friction making it harder to work.


rotary heat transfer machine3.Cleaning the air system

Well, this one is for the automatic machines. As they operate by using compressed air which is being sucked in from the environment. It contains a large amount of dust and dirt particles which can clog the entire system. So, to avoid such a situation check the air filters regularly and if necessary change them. Also, replace the desiccant air drier if it’s used completely to prevent the moisture jamming and damaging the air pipes.


4.Verify the temperature accuracy

Once in a while test the accuracy of the heating platen for even and precise heating. A heat press test kit can help you with that. Set the temperature to a fixed point and check the reading on the kit to verify the results.


5.Have a cleaner workplace

One important thing is to have a very much cleaner working space, the cleaner space easier & smoother will be a job. Particles like lint, hair and other debris can get stuck in the garment while transferring. So, try to keep the workshop as clean as possible.


For those who are in garment printing business, the heat press machine is the center of the business. So if you want to keep your business going well you must keep the heat press well maintained. Hope the tips above will be helpful to you.

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